Motorized Blinds

Lutron Diamond DealerUpgrade your home and increase convenience with automated and motorized blinds from American Knight Integrated Systems. We’re ready to go to work for you and elevate your home or business into a fully-integrated smart home with motorized blinds for easier living.

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  • Motorized Curtains

The Advantage Of Automation

With the touch of a button, your fully-integrated system can lower every shade and adjust every set of motorized blinds exactly to your liking. No more walking from room to room, yanking and pulling cords. No more worrying the house looks empty when you’re away on business or vacation. No more straining to reach those just out of reach blinds. With a custom control panel at home and your smartphone or tablet when you’re away, you can easily control your motorized window shades from anywhere around the world. 

Seamless, synchronized, and efficient. That’s what we are talking about when we mention the advantages of automation.

A Whole New Level Of Control

Automated window shades and blinds offer every homeowner a chance to gain more control over their environment. As the sun shifts throughout the day, your system can be programmed to adjust your motorized shades accordingly to allow for less or more light to permeate the rooms of your home. The result? A house that’s just right for you, any time of day.

The Comfort Of Motorized Shades

Take advantage of the natural cooling effects of proper window coverings and avoid spending a fortune on air conditioning. All of our shades, shutters, curtains and blinds can decrease the levels of light entering through your windows. If your home gets hit hard by the sun, solar shades are a fantastic solution. With automatic solar shades, you can preserve your view while decreasing the amount of heat and harmful UV rays that penetrate your home interior. 

With an array of motorized window coverings suited for every need, American Knight Integrated Systems can set you up for the ultimate in climate control.

Get Motorized Blinds & Shades 

See how motorized blinds can add immeasurable convenience to your life and free you up to do what you enjoy most. Give us a call today at American Knight Integrated Systems. Discover a new way of living with state-of-the-art motorized blinds.


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