Speakers & Home Audio

For professional speaker and home audio installation, count on American Knight Integrated Systems. We bring the HD sound you want into all of the spaces you have. Want it whole-home audio with an easy-to-use interface? Take advantage of what a smart home audio system has to offer inside and outdoors.

The Right Speakers For The Right Job

With American Knight Integrated Systems, you have the audio experts on your side. Today, there are many types of speaker systems available in many different price points from a variety of brands. Here are some popular options we are asked about frequently:

  • Multi-Channel Surround Sound
  • Multi-Room Wireless Speakers
  • Wired Speakers & Audio
  • Ceiling Mounted Speakers
  • Wall Mounted Speakers
  • Outdoor Speaker Installation
  • Smart Home Audio Integration
  • Discreet & Hidden Solutions
  • Soundbars
  • 2 Channel Stereo
  • Surround Sound
  • HD Sound Quality
  • 5.1 Channel Audio
  • 7.1 Channel Audio
  • 12 Channel Audio

Get top-notch results with an integrated speaker system for an ideal listening experience – an audio lover’s dream. Our knowledgeable technicians look forward to showing you how proper sound design and setup can take your high-end speakers up another notch.

Get Smart About Whole Home Audio

With wired, or multi-room wireless speaker options, experiencing whole-home audio has never been easier. Take the house party sound out to the pool or barbecue without having to worry about moving equipment or losing sound quality.

Tune every room to the same audio source or take advantage of individualized choices with a simple swipe of the finger on your smart home panel. We can customize your speaker equipment and set up to your unique lifestyle and listening preferences.

See The Speakers, Not The Wires

Leaving your speaker installation to the professionals means getting both the sound and look you want. No matter how high end your speakers are, dangling cords and unmanageable wires take away from the look and feel of your home audio. Bad speaker placement equals a subpar listening experience. We can hide those wires or set you up with a seamless wireless speaker system. We also ensure that your speaker placement is what it needs to be for stellar sound.

You want an immersive audio experience, not wasted hours trying to sift through all of the choices out there. Whether you want to free up your other devices from wireless music streaming, bring your vinyl collection to life, or get that movie theater experience at home, we have you covered.

Get Professional Speaker Installation 

Don’t worry about the hassles of damaged walls, investing in the wrong speaker equipment, or low-quality sound anymore. Leave your audio design, speaker selection, and installation to the pros at American Knight Integrated Systems. Contact us now for more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our audio experts.


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Customized Solutions

We specialize in top of the line, fully customizable system designs, with premium brands and exceptional customer service. Whether you want a home theater or a fully integrated smart home, our team has the experience and knowledge to make your vision a reality. 

With residential and business solutions, we can work with you on a custom design for your entire building or home, and provide consultations to figure out what systems you need.