Surround Sound

At American Knight Integrated Systems, we look forward to bringing the latest in surround sound audio technology to your space. We serve home and businesses owners with what’s new in great audio.

Surround Sound Options For Your Space

As technology progresses, so do the many sound options you have available for your home or office listening experience. You may be looking to upgrade your existing home theater with what’s new or trying to get your new home audio installation just right for optimal sound. Here are just some of the surround sound options we can professionally design, install, service, and repair for you:

  • Complete HD Audio Systems
  • 3D Surround Sound Upgrades
  • 12 Channel Audio Equipment
  • 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers
  • 7.1 Channel Audio Speakers
  • In-Ceiling Speaker Installation
  • In-Wall Audio System Setup

You have the big screen and a whole library of blue ray movies, now complete your media experience with the best in professional audio system design and installation.

Immerse Yourself In Surround Sound

Whether you are a movie buff, an audiophile, or a gaming pro, surround sound puts you at the center of the audio action. You can be surrounded by the explosions of a space war, hear the finger lifts of every viola player in the symphony or catch the leaves rustling as an enemy tries to sneak up behind you in the latest shootout title for your gaming console.

3D Surround, The New HD Audio System

At American Knight Integrated Systems, we keep an eye on the latest in home audio trends for you. 3D Surround sound technologies, like 12 channel surround or 10.2 channel, literally elevate your listening experience to a whole new level. With in-ceiling or ceiling mounted speakers you add height to the overall depth of your home audio system for an even richer dimension.

Worried about wires or proper placement? Our knowledgeable technicians will explain everything from floor standing speakers to Bluetooth speakers to soundbars to you. We make sure it’s installed to bring you an optimal listening experience every time.

There’s no need to shell out big bucks for the movie theater when the film can sound just as good in your living room. Need a break? Surround sound can whisk you away without having to leave the home office or man cave.

In-Ceiling, In-Wall, We Do It All

With professional surround sound audio system installation by our experienced American Knight Integrated System technicians, you get the sound you want in the space you have. We design a layout and installation plan customized to meet your residential or business needs. For great service and professional installation of surround sound speakers, contact us today to schedule an estimate.


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Customized Solutions

We specialize in top of the line, fully customizable system designs, with premium brands and exceptional customer service. Whether you want a home theater or a fully integrated smart home, our team has the experience and knowledge to make your vision a reality. 

With residential and business solutions, we can work with you on a custom design for your entire building or home, and provide consultations to figure out what systems you need.